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Your Simple Will

It is very important that every person have a Will. Yet many people find it difficult to find time to see a lawyer to have a will prepared. Whilst there are many do-it-yourself will kits on the market, a Will is too important a document to have it prepared unprofessionally. If due care is not exercised a home made Will may lead to unintended consequences.

Cann Legal has developed three Simple Format Wills for use and typical circumstances where family and financial circumstances are uncomplicated. The Simple Format Will satisfies the law of each State and Territory in Australia. The Simple Format Wills offered by Cann Legal are:-

  1. Will Maker with Partner (and children)
  2. Sole Will Maker with children
  3. Sole Will Maker - no children

Feel free to preview the Simple Will Formats by selecting any of the Simple Wills set out immediately above.

The cost of the Simple Format Will is $55.00 (including GST). Unlike the many do-it-yourself kits each Simple Format Will is reviewed by Cann Legal before it is forwarded to you for signing. We also provide detailed instructions for the signing and storing of your Will.

Why should I have a Will?

You need to have a will to:-

  1. decide how to distribute your property if you die;
  2. appoint the person you want to care for any surviving child under the age of 18 years;
  3. appoint the best person to be the executor of your estate;
  4. make provision for the ongoing support and needs of any children under the age of 18 years out of the assets of your estate;
  5. ease the task of your family and friends in winding up your affairs after your death.

What happens if I die without a Will?

Your estate will be divided between your next of kin in the order determined by law. If you are married your estate will be divided between your spouse and any surviving children. If you do not have a spouse or children then your estate will be distributed to your next of kin. If you have no next of kin your estate will pass to the Government. A family member or friend will need to apply to a Court to become the administrator of your estate. Administrators are usually required to post a bond or guarantee during their administration of the estate. This is not required of executors under a Will.

What should my Will provide for?

Your Will should provide for:-

  1. The appointment of an executor and an alternate executor to be responsible for administering your estate;
  2. The appointment of a guardian for any child under the age of eighteen years;
  3. The division of your estate between your partner and/or children (if any) or other beneficiaries;
  4. Standard powers to your executors for the investment of any part of your estate for the support of any infant beneficiaries until that beneficiary reaches the age of eighteen years and is entitled to be paid his or her share of your estate.

The Simple Format Wills provided by Cann Legal cover each of these areas. It is important to note that the Simple Format Wills are not designed to cater for special circumstances which require particular attention and we strongly suggest that if you wish to make specific directions in your Will or to provide specific gifts or legacies then you contact Cann Legal or your solicitor to make an appointment to discuss these matters.

Who should I appoint as my Executor?

The role of the Executor is to gather in your estate and arrange the payment of all expenses and liabilities out of the Estate and to distribute the balance between your beneficiaries. It is important that you choose a person who is trustworthy and capable of carrying out the role of an Executor. It is wise to obtain the prior consent or your Executor before making your Will.

Preparing your Will online

Preparing your Will online is simple. All you need to do is complete the details set out in the instructions form below and the Will shall be prepared and sent to you together with detailed instructions concerning the signing of Wills. At the end of the instructions form you will be requested to provide payment $55.00 by Mastercard, Bankcard or Visacard. Alternatively you may forward a cheque or money order to Cann Legal and upon receipt of your payment the document will be prepared and sent to you. Once you have finalised the instructions form press the submit button. Cann Legal will forward the Will to you within a few days of your payment. The Simple Format Will has been designed for application to the usual family circumstances. If there are special circumstances which apply to you it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice concerning the preparation of your Will. If you start completing the instruction form and decide that you do not wish to proceed please press reset. You will only be charged for using this service once you press the submit button.

Preparing and Signing your Document

We will prepare your Will document immediately upon receiving you instructions. At your option, we will send the document to you by regular post or by email in a PDF format so that you can print it directly from your computer. We will also provide you with simple signing instructions and suggestions for storage for you convenience.

Get Adobe Reader For those of you who are not familiar with PDF documents, Portable Document Format (PDF) files can be read and printed in a high quality on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). All you need is a PDF Reader application. We recommend the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to use).

The cost of the Will Maker with Partner (and children), Sole Will Maker with children or Sole Will Maker - no children is $55.00 inclusive of GST. You will have a number of payment options including credit card (Visa, Bankcard or Mastercard), cheque or money order or by a direct transfer of funds to our account. Your Document will be delivered to you upon receipt of your payment.

The production of the document is guaranteed. If an amendment is required due to any fault on part Cann Legal, a fresh document will be prepared without charge.

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