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Your Simple Will

Simple Format Document 3# - Sole Will Maker - no children

We have set out below a summary of the Simple Format Will for a sole Will Maker without a child or children. If you marry or enter into a defacto relationship at any stage in the future after making this Will, part or all of the Will may become invalid. If this occurs please contact us for advice.

If you have any further queries please read the general information about Wills or contact us.

Sole Will Maker - No Children

Each Simple Format Will:-

  • provides that the share of any beneficiary under the age of 18 years is to be held in trust for that beneficiary until he or she turns 18;
  • authorises your Executor to invest Estate funds, held on behalf of a beneficiary under the age of 18 years, in any investment authorised by the relevant law in your State for the investment of trust funds.
  • authorises your Executor, in his or her discretion, to make provision for the maintenance, benefit or support of any beneficiary under the age of 18 until he or she becomes fully entitled to his or her share in your Estate.

This Simple Format Document will not be suitable for all people or all circumstances. If you:-

  • own your business or have complex financial arrangements;
  • have substantial assets;
  • expect to marry or enter a defacto relationship in the near future;
  • expect to divorce or separate in the near future;
  • have a child or another beneficiary with special needs;
you will need to obtain specific advice on matters that need to be covered in your Will. You may also need to obtain appropriate Estate Planning and taxation advice. If you are uncertain whether this Simple Will Format is suitable for your circumstances please contact us to obtain further advice.

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