Experienced and expert services in all aspects of the sale and purchase of properties, leasing, subdivisions and other property dealings.

We have dynamic property team providing property services in North-West Tasmania and state wide.  For most people the purchase or sale of their home is one of the most significant financial transactions undertaken over the course of their lives.  Our conveyancing team provides a prompt and efficient service in connection with the sale and purchase of residential, commercial or industrial property.  Our team has additional support through our property lawyers who are able to provide legal advice and representation in the event of any complexities encountered during the conveyancing process.

We encourage our clients to discuss any proposed property transaction with our conveyancing team before signing a contract to ensure that the contract is properly drafted and contains any necessary protections for our clients.  With growing complexities regarding capital gains tax, stamp duty and GST withholding it is becoming increasingly necessary to obtain qualified legal advice when dealing with property.

We are able to provide advice and support in connection with:

  1. all aspects of the sale and purchase of property;
  2. residential, commercial and industrial property leasing;
  3. property subdivisions and other titles office dealings including boundary adjustments, strata schemes, the creation and removal of easements and restrictive covenants;
  4. body corporate disputes.


Providing expert advice and professional services through our team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff.


Finding strategic direction, innovation and solutions grounded in years of experience.


Building trust through care, confidentiality and focussing on the needs of our clients.

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Are you looking for someone to help?

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