Undertaking and defending civil claims in the Magistrates and Supreme Courts of Tasmania including debt, estate disputes, commercial disputes, motor vehicle accidents, contract disputes, restraining orders and criminal charges.

Legal proceedings can be costly in financial and emotional terms.  We provide a sensitive, practical and experienced service in guiding parties through the complexities of legal proceedings.

Our experience and expertise in alternate dispute resolution and mediation provides one avenue to resolve many of these disputes without undertaking the risk of formal legal proceedings.  In matters requiring a hearing we provide representation and advice through all stages of making or defending a claim and enforcing any court orders.

We are able to assist in debt collection or commercial disputes.

Our expertise and experience extends to claims in the Magistrates Court of Tasmania and the Supreme Court of Tasmania in connection with:

  1. contractual disputes;
  2. debt or monies owing;
  3. property disputes including partition proceedings;
  4. deceased estate disputes;
  5. family law disputes;
  6. criminal charges;
  7. restraining orders and family violence orders.


Providing expert advice and professional services through our team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff.


Finding strategic direction, innovation and solutions grounded in years of experience.


Building trust through care, confidentiality and focussing on the needs of our clients.

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Are you looking for someone to help?

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