Providing expert help in navigating the complexities of family breakdown, property division, parenting arrangements and divorce.

Cann Legal provides guidance and support to our clients who are experiencing family breakdown and enabling them to explore solutions and de-escalate conflict. Our Family Law section is led by Roger Cann who is an Accredited Specialist in family law with over 27 years experience assisting clients in resolving their property and parenting disputes.


Good negotiation requires insight, experience and an understanding of the framework of Australian family law.  Early and focussed advice is essential before any attempt is made to negotiate an agreement to ensure that the result sought is both realistic and achievable.  We assist in providing an avenue for clear communication to provide separating parties with the best opportunity to reach agreement quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary recourse to the Courts. We promote the use of alternate dispute resolution processes such as mediation or collaborative legal processes to enable parties to find more positive and constructive ways to resolve conflicts.


The Courts provide another avenue for the resolution of family law disputes in the event that parties are unable to resolve these matters by agreement. We provide representation in Court proceedings in all family law matters including:

  1. financial and property disputes;
  2. parenting disputes concerning the living arrangements with children and the relationship they have with each parent and other significant people;
  3. child support agreements;
  4. pre-nuptial and settlement agreements;
  5. divorce;
  6. child protection proceedings.

Our Court experience includes all matters in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia (including the appeals division) and the Magistrates Court of Tasmania.


Providing expert advice and professional services through our team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff.


Finding strategic direction, innovation and solutions grounded in years of experience.


Building trust through care, confidentiality and focussing on the needs of our clients.

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